The Creation Of Adam


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Michelangelo's The Creation of Adam is a masterpiece of human anatomy. In the picture, God is depicted as an elderly white-bearded man with flowing drapery. In the lower left, naked Adam lies on the ground. The right arm of God extends out, imparting the spark of life to Adam, while the left arm of the reclining man reflects that of God. This resemblance reminds viewers that man was made in God's image. Several theories have been made about the origins of the painting.

The painting is said to have been made in the image of a human brain. However, many have speculated that God was not actually in the picture, but rather, was merely a figure in the landscape. The figure of God in The Creation of Adam is often interpreted as the brain. It is possible that the borders in the image correlate to different parts of the human brain. For example, the frontal lobe of the human brain and the optic chiasm are shown as the two sides of the human head. Another interpretation is that God is placed within the uterus, and Adam's hands are bent, reminiscent of the postpartum uterus.

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