The Lady of Shalott


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Model: James Waterhouse-46

Painting Name: The Lady of Shalott
Artist: Waterhouse, James
Medium: Oil Painting on Canvas
Style: Romanticism
Location: Tate Britain, London, England, UK
Original Size: 153 cm × 200 cm (60 in × 79 in)

The Lady of Shalott by John William Waterhouse is an easily identifiable oil painting of harmony, fantasy, along with questions. The artwork was created in 1888, motivated by Alfred, Lord Tennyson's early ballad The Lady Of Shalott' when a cursed lady separated within a tower system located in Shalott solely views society outdoors via its reflection in mirror. In this particular Arthurian story which conjured the mythical world of Medieval England, the lady eventually draws sight from the soldier Lancelot in her own mirror and can't help yet check out him straight. Her trouble sets out to control and then she glides along the water to Camelot performing one last melody in advance of passing away during the trip. In the artist's imitation of the fictional tableau the lady is portrayed relinquishing handle of the boat's string, gazing in the direction of a few solemn candles. The picture had been a well-liked topic for painters, specially the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood of the mid-19th century which usually stayed a prominent impact all over John's professional career. The Lady of Shalott is therefore highly regarded as Waterhouse's most succesfully done artwork. It is also one of the most popular art reproductions.

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