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If you are looking for a painting to buy for an important occasion, Hans Thoma might be the painter you are looking for. His paintings are highly regarded and are often used for prestigious museums and private collections. A museum quality oil painting reproduction is a great way to get a fine work of art by this artist. 

The artist spent the first years of his life in Karlsruhe, Germany, where he was appointed director of the Kunstschule. He continued to teach at the academy, eventually becoming a professor. During this time, Thoma was influenced by the Barbizon School and Gustave Courbet. His style became more abstract, and his oeuvre expanded to include mythological scenes. The artist died in 1879, but his work has never been more popular.

His work shifted from objective realism to symbolic interpretations of nature after he met Arnold Bocklin in 1871. His works became more literary and he returned to Karlsruhe as the director of the Kunsthalle. In 1897, he was appointed director of the Kunsthalle in Karlsruhe and began to exhibit his paintings across Germany. In 1909, the city opened a museum dedicated to his work. The Hans-Thoma-Museum is an excellent place to look for original prints by the master.

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