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"After a Thunderstorm" by Ivan Aivazovsky is a masterpiece by the Russian artist. The painting is an impressionist landscape with clouds spilling over the landscape. The painter was a wheelchair user for fifteen years, but his work shows the beauty of his home and the beauty of nature. The piece is also a tribute to the strength and courage of the Russian people. It is a work of art that depicts a life in turmoil and reflects the strength of his faith.

One of the most famous Thunder paintings is "Storm. Rain." It was painted by the Russian artist Isaac Levitan in 1899 and was almost his last major work. In this painting, the view is from the cold, autumn sky. It is filled with gray tattered clouds and the thick Khmara has already spread over half of the sky. The approaching thunderstorm is a powerful presence, and the oblique rain streams are visible even from space.

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