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The Italian painter Tintoretto is a member of the Venetian school. His bold brushwork and speed of painting earned him the nickname "Il Furioso" (The Furioso). Aside from his skill in the Venetian style, he also influenced several other famous Venetian painters. In addition to his artistic talents, Tintoretto also influenced the style of the modern American artist Robert Rauschenberg.

In 1576, Tintoretto reached the poetic heights of his art. He had completely mastered the Mannerist style, which is marked by dramatic lighting and receding diagonals. These effects were made possible by the use of strings, which were suspended from above the models. The compositions also emphasized the moral feeling of the characters. As such, his paintings are still revered today. Although there is no single work by Tintoretto, many of his works are representative of his life.

A passionate and highly skilled painter, Tintoretto was an early adopter of canvas. This medium allowed for a richer, more realistic surface and more expressive brushwork. Unlike other renaissance painters, he was able to build up layers of paint. His bold brushwork is characteristic of his oeuvre, and his subjects and compositions are often reminiscent of those of Titian and Giorgione.

Despite his dismal critical reception during his lifetime, Tintoretto's work was a huge influence on the Italian Renaissance. His bold brushstrokes and poignant use of color set him apart from the rest of the Renaissance. Similarly, he was a major inspiration to countless Baroque artists who sought to imitate his work. However, his work is not widely known today. It is believed that he received a specialized training in the art of his father, who was a cloth-dryer.

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