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Constant Troyon was a French painter who was a member of the Barbizon school. He is best known for his paintings of landscapes, but he also painted animals in his later years. This work earned him worldwide recognition. Here are some examples of his work. Let's begin with a portrait of a cow. After capturing the attention of viewers through his paintings, Troyon went on to paint many other subjects, including landscapes and still lifes.

Troyon began painting at age seven, with the help of his godfather, Alfred Riocreux. He subsequently became a porcelain decorator until he was twenty, where he studied minute details of ornamentation. Then, at the age of twenty-one, he gave up his porcelain work and began traveling. While on tour, he also made friends with the nearest porcelain manufacturer. While travelling, Troyon produced a large number of paintings that were renowned throughout France.

While not achieving success until his eighties, Constant Troyon was rewarded for his work. In 1849, he received the Legion of Honor. He won five medals at the Paris Salon. Although he did not have great wealth, he was nonetheless very successful. He was a patron of Napoleon III and achieved a high degree of fame and financial security, at least compared to his Barbizon peers.

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