Two Peacock Canvas Painting


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Painting Price: $175.00
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Model: FSPP-13

Feng shui peacock paintings are a popular choice for home décor, as they bring balance, harmony and serenity. Peacock symbolism has been used in many cultures to represent beauty, power, prosperity and good luck. Feng shui peacock paintings can be used to create a calming atmosphere that promotes positive energy in any space.

These vibrant pieces of art often involve the use of different colors and hues that range from blues to greens to purples - all of which help stimulate the senses for an energizing effect. The tail feathers of the peacock usually feature prominently within these paintings as they symbolize royalty and power, while also being visually stunning. Incorporating such artwork into your home is said to provide protection against negative energy while creating a sense of balance in your environment.

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