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The Japanese artist Kitagawa Utamaro was one of the greatest ukiyo-e woodblock print designers. His famous bijin kubi-e pictures of beautiful women are among his most famous works, but he also produced a number of nature studies and illustrated books of insects. 

A biography of Utamaro provides some information about his life. He was born in Japan in 1737. His parents are unknown, although it is thought that his father was a teahouse owner. His tutor, Toriyama Sekien, wrote about Utamaro's childhood in his garden. His wife was also unknown. The artist is best known for his intimate domestic scenes. His works of a mother and child often feature the same woman and child.

The last half of his life was spent focusing on single portraits of women. Since 1791, he began capturing single-figure representations of these women. He took his models from the streets of Yoshiwara and from licensed quarters. The resulting series of women portraits gained him wide recognition and popularity, and his reputation was cemented. So, if you're interested in Utamaro's work, this exhibition is definitely worth a visit.

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