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A Flemish painter and draughtsman, Adam Frans van der Meulen painted landscapes and military scenes during the Middle Ages. In addition to his famous battles and conquest scenes, he also painted portraits and hunting scenes. His landscape paintings are among the most popular works from his period. His paintings are renowned for their striking colors and vivid details. His work is also considered to be one of the best examples of Dutch Golden Age painting.

Adam Frans van der Meulen was born on 11 January 1632 in Brussels, Spain. His father was a respected notary, and his mother was a wealthy merchant. The painter enrolled in the same school as his brother-in-law, Peter Snayers, an Antwerp-based painter who specialized in scenes of battles and assaults on convoys. Later, the two men would work together to create many paintings.

His career grew rapidly in the 'French court'. His wages increased annually at the Gobelins Manufactory. In 1666, he was the highest-paid artist at the Manufactory. In 1668, van der Meulen accompanied Louis XIV on his campaign through Flanders, making sketches of various cities. He delighted the King so much that he was ordered to accompany him on all of his expeditions.

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