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Caesar van Everdingen was a Dutch painter, patron and engraver.

He was a member of the Dutch Reformed Church in Haarlem from 1576 until his death in 1658. After marrying his wife, he was a city councillor in Utrecht from 1651 to 1689. In addition, he studied painting in Utrecht with Jan Gerritsz van Bronchorst and his wife, Annemarie. Caesar also spent part of the 1657 year in Alkmaar, painting militia pieces for the Old Civic Guard. In 1658, after a decade in Haarlem, he returned to Alkmaar and remained there until his death in 1659.

A study of Caesar van Everdingen by Paul Huys Janssen is the first major catalogue raisonné of the artist's paintings. It draws together published biographical material from archival sources and adds new archival information that enables a complete and accurate image of the artist. However, this monograph is not an exhaustive overview of Everdingen's work. In addition to a monograph on his life, Huys Janssen includes numerous illustrations from his unpublished master's thesis by his fellow Dutch painter Jacob van Campen.

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