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Barend van Orley (or Barent van Orley) was a multifaceted Flemish artist who was a key representative of Dutch and Flemish Renaissance painting. Apart from his painting, he was also active in stained glass and tapestries. In fact, his paintings are found in several churches around the world. However, it is not clear whether he was a painter or a stained glass designer.

After studying under Pieter Bruegel and becoming a master in the Guild of St. Luke, Orley worked as a court painter for the Austrian-born Marguerite of Austria. This prompted him to become a court painter for the Regent of the Netherlands, Charles V. Margarete commissioned him to paint the Virtue of Patience, a triptych inspired by the poetess Margarete. As a result, he began to create his own workshops and trained other artists.

He gained fame as a painter during the Renaissance. His paintings are reminiscent of the works of his contemporaries. He was a prominent Netherlandish artist who became court painter for Mary of Hungary and Margaret of Austria. His work is characterized by Italianate motifs that are not well digested. Despite his success, the Dutch court regarded him with suspicion. In 1516, he was employed as an official court painter by the king of the Netherlands, where he painted a series of portraits of the royal couple. Later, he continued to work for the new queen, Mary of Hungary. He died in the year 1541.

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