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Franz von Stuck was a German painter, sculptor, printmaker, and architect, best known for his depictions of ancient mythology. His painting "The Sin" (1892) won substantial critical acclaim, and he received the Order of Merit of the Bavarian Crown. In 1906, he married and became Franz Ritter von Stuck. His works ranged from religious to landscape paintings, and he is best remembered for his mythological themes.

Stuck's work is largely based on mythology. His influences include the artist Arnold Bocklin. Many of his paintings feature large, heavy forms, and he exhibited a propensity for sculpture. His sexy female nudes, which he executed early in his career, are prime examples of popular Symbolist content. While working in Munich, Stuck also paid attention to his paintings' frames. He designed many of them himself and often included elaborate gilt carving and inscriptions.

Aside from paintings, Stuck also created many sculptures and prints. His style was strongly influenced by art and he was a pioneer of modern psychology. Several of his paintings were controversial and were met with wildly contrasting opinions. His contemporaries identified his work as "Artwork of the Future," a phrase that Wagner first formulated in 1849. The works he produced in the 19th century are among the most popular examples of symbolism in Germany.

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