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The Wadsworth Atheneum is an art museum located in Hartford, Connecticut. This place is noted for its collection of ancient Egyptian and European Baroque art. It also has a fine collection of Classical bronzes and French and American art. The Atheneum has a number of exhibits that are free to the public and include both modern and historic works. It is also home to some of the state's most famous sculptures.

In 1907, the museum's first exhibition was created by the wealthy J. Pierpont Morgan, Sr. This collection included seventeenth-century ivories, Renaissance majolica, and silver gilt objects. The museum has also presented a number of innovative and engaging exhibitions that have delved deep into its holdings and the history of each art form. In 2008, the Atheneum welcomed Susan Lubowsky Talbott, the Director of the Smithsonian Art Museum. She facilitated a series of partnerships with community groups and helped the museum develop its exhibitions.

The museum's collection began growing rapidly during this period. In 1927, A. Everett "Chick" Austin Jr. offered to build a Morgan Memorial at the museum, which was named in honor of his father. A decade later, in addition to presenting his father's collection, Morgan donated a significant collection of 17th-century paintings, Meissen porcelain, and silver gilt objects.

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