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Artistic expressions of war and violence can be expressed in many forms, including the representation of the human body in its abject, mortal states. In this context, war art can reflect a cultural contemplation of war and violence. Artists may represent the victors and the defeated, or they may focus on imagined pasts and futures. In any case, the dead are never truly gone, as the bodies live on in the hands of the artist and the eyes of witnesses. As a result, a viewer's response to the artworks is often profoundly moving.

Warfare paintings have a long history. Throughout history, artists have sought to portray battles as heroic tales rich in religious imagery. In the nineteenth century, however, the art of warfare shifted to a more realistic portrayal of military maneuvers and battlefield landscapes. Today, these works still hold important historical significance, and their enduring impact is felt today. Although the subject matter may be a sensitive subject, art made during wartime has a very high cultural value.

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