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American artist Edwin Lord Weeks was best known for his Orientalist paintings. His Orientalist works are among the best-known of his time. Here's a look at his work. We'll also discuss some of his most popular paintings. If you like Orientalist art, you'll probably enjoy his work. 

Edwin Lord Weeks was born in Boston and studied painting in Paris. He traveled to South America and Egypt, as well as Persia and Morocco, and became one of the greatest Orientalism painters of the nineteenth century. In addition to the Western world, he spent time painting in India and Persia. His oeuvre is complemented by an excellent collection of oriental and African paintings. This page contains a brief bio of Weeks, including some of his most famous works.

During his life, Edwin Lord Weeks travelled to the Florida Keys and Surinam in South America. His travels led him to paint beautiful scenes in these exotic locations. During this period, he also wrote extensively about his travels, and his writings on art and culture reflected his experiences. Although he had a limited education, he was recognized internationally by his peers and was awarded a medal in the Paris Salon in 1885 for his work.

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