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Benjamin West is one of the most important British-American artists of all time. His work is known for portraying famous historical scenes like The Death of Nelson, The Death of General Wolfe, the Treaty of Paris and Benjamin Franklin Drawing Electricity from the Sky. His paintings are widely collected and are considered works of art worth collecting. You can find a wide variety of his work in museums and public collections around the world. 

As a child, West was introduced to painting by an English artist named William Williams. William Williams was a friend of Jefferson's, and introduced him to painting and drawing. By the age of 15, Thomas Jefferson became a prolific portrait painter and had gained local fame. He was inspired to work in the historic style when he met wealthy entrepreneur William Henry in Rome. He took him under his wing and advised him to focus on painting historical subjects.

While West had the talent of painting historical figures, his talent was also under-utilized by the times. Despite his dislike for New York society, he remained committed to his art, and later became the most celebrated painter of the eighteenth century. His paintings have been praised by art historians, but there are also a number of works that he never considered for publication. This makes his work even more important today.

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