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Scottish painter Sir David Wilkie was known for his genre scenes. His works encompass a variety of subjects, including historical events, portraits, and scenes from his travels throughout the Middle East and Europe. Many of his most popular pieces depict religious or historical figures, and his subjects include children and animals. Whether he painted landscapes or portraits, his paintings are sure to delight and inspire. 

In the summer and autumn of 1840, Wilkie decided to travel to the East. After passing through Germany and the Netherlands, Wilkie arrived in Constantinople. He painted a portrait of a young sultan before sailing on to Smyrna and Egypt. His next destination was Alexandria, where he completed his portrait of Muhammad Ali Pasha. Unfortunately, Wilkie died on the sea off Gibraltar, and his work is rarely seen.

Wilkie's earliest paintings include a series of paintings of the young sultan in the palace of the King of England. His portraits of the monarch and the queen in the 1820s won ten guineas at the Trustees' Academy. The portraits of women and children of the British royal family also show Wilkie's power of character. During the 1860s, he was in Egypt for the visit of King George IV, and the painting was commissioned by the monarch. Later, he was made King's Limner for Scotland.

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