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The depiction of winter landscapes in Western art began in the 15th century. Early European painters avoided tackling landscapes and focused instead on religious themes. As a result, the first examples of winter paintings are very different from the most famous ones. Here are some of the most famous paintings of winter. 

Andrew Andrews's paintings depict icy waterways, frozen lakes, and snow-covered mountains. Unlike traditional landscape paintings, Andrew's paintings are created in a studio and don't require the artist to leave the comfort of his home or studio. The paints are thick and opaque, so they don't show the plywood grain. These can inspire the artist to create stunning works. The artist's work is sure to make the viewer feel at home.

Camille Pissarro and Claude Monet are two artists who painted many works of winter. Camille Pissarro's paintings are particularly beautiful and have a certain mystical quality. Similarly, a haystack covered in snow is one of Monet's most famous images. Although the season can evoke both feelings of bleakness and peace, paintings of winter are perfect for instilling both emotions. These ten paintings represent different approaches to this theme.

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