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Witz was a remarkable innovator in the field of painting in the first half of the fifteenth century. Born in Rottweil, he went to Basel, perhaps inspired by the international atmosphere created by the ecumenical council of 1434. By 1435, he had become a citizen of the city, and he also painted altarpieces for churches in both Basel and Nuremberg. Witz's paintings also show his familiarity with Flemish painting and are part of the Kunstmuseum in both cities.

While Witz is best known for his religious works, he also had an extensive career outside of the church. He is best known for his paintings of hunting scenes. While he never completed his own deck, others were inspired to do so, and his art is widely celebrated today. A large number of works by his followers are now in museums and private collections. The Wikimedia Commons website offers extensive information about Konrad Witz.

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