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Painters have a great history of inspiration. And Philips Wouwerman is no exception. His landscapes, hunting scenes, and battle scenes are among the most popular. You can find a wide range of his paintings in museums, auction houses, and online. These paintings are all worth looking at. You may be surprised to learn that they're from the seventeenth century. However, if you love realism, you should definitely give these works a try.

Philips Wouwerman was a Dutch painter born on 24 May 1619. He is a famous landscape painter who specialized in battle scenes and still lifes. His work has been featured in many museum exhibitions. The Rijksmuseum has the original of this work, which is called 'the white horse'. It is a rare example of a painting by this Dutch master. It is considered a masterpiece of the eighteenth century, and is the most popular of his time.

Wouwerman's family was also renowned for their art. He was the eldest son of Pouwels Joosten and his wife Susanna van den Bogert. The family hailed from Brussels, and his father was a painter. His father, Philips Wouwerman, trained the young Philips as a draughtsman. He later trained with Pieter Verbeeck and Frans Hals. The Wouwermans were praised for their work, and the artists in these collections were in awe.

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