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Eugenio Zampighi was a famous Italian painter and photographer. He was known for his Genre subjects and his photos were popular in his time.

Emilio Zampighi was born in Modena in 1851. At a very young age, he showed an interest in art and went on to study at the Academy of Fine Arts in Modena. He also studied in Rome and Florence, where he won the Poletti painting prize in 1880. In 1884, he moved to Florence and inaugurated a repertoire of genre scenes. This paved the way for his great commercial success and international acclaim.

While studying at the Academy of Modena, Zampighi began working as an artist in 1878. His painting style was Realism and influenced by Giovanni Muzzioli and Antonio Simonazzi. In 1880, he won the Poletti prize for painting. In the 1870s, he moved to Florence where he studied art. The Poletti Prize was named in his honor.

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