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Hans Zatzka was an Austrian academic painter and fantasy artist. He has been credited with various other names, including P. Ronsard, Pierre de Ronsard, H. Zabateri, and Joseph Bernard. His works often bear his initials and a signature, and many of his pieces bear his last name. He died in Vienna in 1944. 

His paintings depict women and children, and are highly regarded by collectors. Many of his paintings have been reproduced as postcards. Although his death date is unknown, many of his works can still be found in private collections and auctions. If you're interested in collecting his work, take a look at these postcards. They'll give you an overview of the life and career of one of Austria's most admired artists.

While his paintings are mostly about cupids and idyllic female figures, he also drew religious themes into them. This means that his art is highly inspired by Richard Wagner, and his style is marked by a strong Wagnerian influence. His paintings were very popular in the early 1900s, and he became one of the most prominent artists of his time. To promote his work, he produced numerous postcards of his works and also had them printed as towels.

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