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One of the most famous Russian painters was Kapiton Zelentsov. He was born in 1790 and became famous during the War of 1812. During that time, he made several caricatures of the French. After the war, he joined the Saint Petersburg Academy of Arts. He is also credited with forty etchings in a book called The Magic Lantern (1817). He died in 1845.

As an amateur, Zelentsov studied under A. G. Venetsianov, and he made portraits and genre paintings. He earned the title of an academician for his interior painting, and many of his works are still used today. Whether the painting is a portrait or a genre scene, Zelentsov's work will always have a place in the world of art.

Although his life is not well-known, his work is still very popular today. Many of his works are available as Giclee prints. These are a high quality reproduction of the original paintings and are widely accepted by private collectors and museums. The lithography technique is highly advanced and produces beautiful fine art reproductions. There is a great demand for these works, and they can be purchased at reasonable prices.

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