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German neoclassical painter Johan Joseph Zoffany was active in England, Italy, and India. His works are found in several museums, including the Tate Gallery, London, and New York. Today, the neoclassical style is a popular choice in a variety of decors. In addition to his native country, Zoffany painted in India and other parts of Europe.

Born in Frankfurt, Zoffany studied in Regensburg and Rome. He moved to London in the 1760s, when he shared German roots with George III. The artist became friendly with Queen Charlotte and the royal family, and many of his works are in the Royal Collection. A few of his works are included below. If you're interested in his paintings, take a look at his most famous works. You can also learn more about his life and career in our biography.

While Zoffany was trained at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich, he also studied under Masucci. He was inspired by the work of Piranesi, who was a friend of his father. In Rome, he made friends with Piranesi and became a leading exponent of the Conversation Piece. A conversation piece with the Queen and her children is a perfect example of his style.

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